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Self Care Mini Class & Retreat in Ottawa ON


​We all need time for ourselves and time spent on ourselves. You can't pour from an empty cup. If you're used to running on empty, break that habit before it breaks you. We meet so many stressed out, burned out people, from CEOs to students, that we created this class to really dedicate daily time to caring for the most important person in your life. Yup, you.

We offer 3 popular options:

  1. Time for Self-Care 101 Class (60 minutes)
  2. Super Self-Care Lunch Hour (90 minutes including lunch)
  3. Half Day Self-Care Retreat (2.5-3 hours)

This is a class for one, or two, or the whole family. Call for pricing.

Time for Self-Care 101

Most of us brush our teeth twice a day. Most of us eat pretty healthy and exercise occasionally. But ask yourself: What have I done today that feels really nourishing, supportive, and for myself and my best health & wellness?

If you don't do enough for you, this class is for you. Self care comes in many different shapes and forms, with many different activities and choices falling under the label “self care.”

The purpose of conscious self-care to deepen the nourishment, support and care you give yourself. It may need to be a conscious practice to learn. Sometimes we have to learn new ways of taking care of ourselves, or we may already be doing many self care practices, but we may be simply unaware of them. Self-care should be a priority for all of us, and this class helps you on this path toward better self care.

Super Self-Care Lunch Hour

Our Super Self-Care Lunch Hour allows you to skip out from your downtown office and make your lunch time a little more self-indulgent. Learn self-care tools for the workplace and home. Bring just yourself or your BFF too. Enjoy:

  • Self Care 101 (condensed) Workshop
  • Lunch & Organic Herbal Tea for Energy & Healing
  • Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak For Stress Relief

Half-Day Indulgent Self-Care Retreat

Our Half Day Self Care Retreat is about healing, taking time you need for you, and building self-care into your daily routine. This package includes:

  • 45 minute Antioxidant Rich Lunch & Organic Tea
  • 60 minute Self Care Deluxe Workshop (or 30 minute individual session)
  • Self Care Workbook to take home
  • 20 minute Meditation & Tapping exercises
  • 20 minute Acupressure Therapy & Muscle Therapy
  • Tea Time for Energy, Sleep, Beautiful Skin or Calming the Mind
  • Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak For Stress Relief Gift Package

Ask about our:

  • Full Day Decadent Self-Care Retreat package
  • Workplace Team Retreat package for up to 12 people
  • Our CEO Exclusive Luxury Self-Care Retreat package

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